It has been said that the number three (3) is associated with the Trinity. It means that you receive the protection, guidance and help from divine forces.

It was at the age of 3 that Amoree’s world would never be the same!

Your angels are protecting you and giving you support and strength.

Won’t you join us on this roller coaster ride?

It is interesting how a person journeys through this universe. Amoree lives with autism, epilepsy, and myasthenia gravis with the most grace and elegance I have ever seen.

We have watched Amoree go through trial after trial after trial, coming out of it as though nothing ever happened. I wonder how she can do that. I wonder if I am missing a greater gift in her.

My daughter was granted the grace of God over and over again. Because she was and is granted that grace, my family is also granted the grace of God.


How have I made it through these times?

After going through that dark time in my life, I decided to write about Amoree’s Journey through my eyes. This was a task that I felt the world needed to see.

In this time of COVID-19 when our worlds are turned upside down and many people are lonely and in dark places..

I want to help you KNOW that you do have to remain in the dark place…

I want to teach you what I learned in 21 days of resiliency through my daughter.

Let's go to the light together!

My Journal, No Greater Love: 21 Days of Resilency will help you shift your mindsight from darkness to light of joy. Get your copy today and join my facebook group, Amoree’s Journey. Let’s walk this journey hand in hand.